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HuntsNT - Northern Territory Professional Hunting Guides 

Safari Club International or Sports Class trophies

Catering for rifle, bow and handgun hunters

Australia’s Northern Territory or as we locals call it the Top End or the NT, is some 1.4 million square kilometres in size. To put it another way, Italy, France & Spain all rolled into one. The NT is a hunters’ paradise, supporting vast populations of feral animals including wild boar, water buffalo, banteng cattle, scrub bulls and donkey. The Northern Territory is a visually stunning landscape, vast & sparsely populated, and for a large part still wild, untouched and untamed.

The HuntsNT team are all Territorians and are fully licensed NT professional hunting guides with decades of hunting and guiding experienceWhen you book your Northern Territory hunting adventure with HuntsNT, you can be confident that we know the importance of being organised, disciplined and professional and being prepared to go the extra mile to ensure the best possible hunting outcome for our clients. HuntsNT is fully compliant with all Northern Territory Government regulations and licence requirements.

HuntsNT offer all inclusive hunting packages, no extras unless you want to take additional trophies over your selected hunting package.

Buffalo - Magpie Geese - Helicopter - Pig Shoot

HuntsNT makes being part of an Aussie hunting adventure as simple as packing your bags, rifle or bow and getting on a plane, we will take care of the rest. 

Want some red-hot hunting action without having to mortgage the family home? Then click through our site and once you realise that we offer some of the best value Aussie hunting deals, then we have no doubt we will be showing you around our back yard, it’s BIG! & so is the hunting ACTION!

HuntsNT looks forward to having you join us in the Northern Territory for a genuine Australian outback hunting adventure

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